CreatiVcynergy weaves together a supportive community, intuitive wisdom, mindfulness, and creative expression to connect with our pure potential and joy. The artistic wisdom of CreatiVcynergy strengthens compassion for ourselves and others as we navigate life challenges. The more you vibrate joy, the more others do too. Together our hearts open to transformation.

No painting experience necessary

Allow your inner wisdom to shine onto the canvas

CreatiVcynergy weaves together

Intuitive wisdom

Mindful awareness and intention

Creative expression

Supportive community

Paint like no one is watching and connect with pure joy!

Your Coach

Cynthia Rubenstein

A few years ago, I laughed when an astrologer told me that I am an artist. I couldn’t even draw a straight line and believed I had no artistic ability. Since that time life challenges prompted the need to explore a new path. I experienced the loss of a beloved Aunt, moved back to a geographic location after being away for 10 years, and unexpected organizational trauma affected my lengthy career in the movement to end gender- based violence. As a licensed mental health counselor, trainer, teambuilding facilitator, tarot reader, and meditation practitioner, my “go to” tools for healing helped, yet something was still missing. Connecting to my creative wisdom gave color, form, shape, and texture to my emotions, experiences, and dreams. Integrating creative expression into my other practices infused more positivity, possibility, and joy into my daily life. I am an artist and Certified Creatively Fit Coach and founder of CreatiVcynergy, a community of creative wisdom explorers. I am also a certified facilitator and teacher of Feeding Your Demons: Transforming Our Shadow, a five-step method created by Lama Tsultrim Allione that shows us how to befriend that which scares us the most. My vision is to create a safe space to connect with our creative wisdom through a variety of art inspired creative practices that infuse our lives with healing and vibrant energy. 


Painting with acrylics is fun and easy. You can create multiple layers to give depth and meaning to your painting


I started painting with watercolors and love how the colors blend together. Feel the flow of the water as you paint.


Recycle your magazines and create personalized oracle cards. You can make greeting cards for your friends and family, too.

Certified Creatively Fit Coach

As a Creatively Fit Coach certified by the artist Whitney Freya, my intention is to share the joy of waking up to creativity.